Things to know before making - PRIVACY POLICY


In today's world where each corner of the world is accessible through internet, the corporate world has also managed to crawl up and match steps with the changing time. Internet has multiplied the chances of business entities to stretch their reach to more and more people, within and beyond the territory, they dwell in. No one wants to miss the chance of expanding itself beyond boundaries and to excel into its business by reaching an uncountable number of people. That’s the reason why every business entity has a website today, irrespective of its size and nature of the business. Undoubtedly, it befits the business of the entity upto some extent, but only selling products on the website is not enough these days.

The websites also take information of the client, either by a ‘Login’ option or by getting a ‘Form’ filled by the client with an intention to analyze and understand their client, their choices, their taste, their interest, their preferences, etc. The business entity may also use such information and analysis to advertise or to promote their new or existing products or services to the existing clients as well as to those who are their prospective clients to whom they reach by accessing the information shared, knowingly or unknowingly, by their clients or by persons accessing their websites.

Collecting such personal information from people and using it further for business advantage is a good and effective way of promoting and growing a business but only as far as the people sharing the information are aware of it. If the personal information so provided by the people is used by the business entity for its benefit or otherwise, without the knowledge of the people, if such information is shared, it would be a punishable offence.

Thus, to safeguard the business entity from any uninvited and unintended penalties and punishments, it is always beneficial for a website to have a Privacy Policy.


Privacy Policy depicts your company’s point of view, its methods of collecting information from visitors and the way it uses the information. It also specifies the efforts taken by the organisation to keep the collected data safe. It not only builds up the trust of the website visitors, it also abides by the privacy policy laws in India as privacy policy is one of the most important legal documents on any website.

Sincere effort should be taken to make a Privacy Policy for your website. It shall be both accurate and easy to understand as it depicts to all users the assurance that any information they have provided to the owners of the website will not under any circumstances be disclosed to others, and would be used in a way as provided for in the privacy policy.